May This Never Happen To You

It’s ironic that just a month ago I wrote about scams and cons.  Today I was a victim of one.  These trolls made me miss two hours out of my work day and caused me an enormous amount of emotional distress.  While my post in January was about multi-level marketing schemes, this was an entirely different ballgame.  Before I begin my story, let me just say that I had never experienced anything like this before, and these people were VERY convincing.  I write about this in the hopes to educate others about the specifics of this scam, and warn you that this can happen to anyone.  (Quick disclaimer– They did not receive any money from me whatsoever, and did not get any information from me beyond what they already had.)

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Gallifrey One 2015

Went the route of comfortable yet dressy con-goer this year.

I went the route of comfortable yet dressy con-goer this year. Photo credit to Blue Adept Photography.

Over Valentine’s weekend I attended the Gallifrey One Convention in Los Angeles, CA.  For those who don’t know, Gallifrey One (“Gallifrey” or “Gally” for short) is the world’s largest fan-run Doctor Who convention, having been around since 1990.  Over the course of 3 full days, nearly 4,000 fans descend upon the LAX Airport Marriott.  This post might sound like an ad for the con, but it really comes from the heart and personal experience.  With the rising visibility of the show and its spinoffs in recent years, the convention has gotten so popular that a couple of years ago they started having to cap attendance numbers.  Some people were disgruntled about that, but ultimately it’s for the good of the fan experience.  The convention runners don’t want our little con turning into something as massive in proportion as the San Diego Comic-Con, because they don’t want to lose that smaller fan-run feel.  Keeping the con at a manageable size definitely helps the fans feel closer to their community and to the talent in attendance throughout the weekend.  Of course it also helps the halls from being overcrowded, overwhelming the hotel.  There are already enough attendees that people are spilling over into renting rooms at neighboring hotels. Continue reading


I frequently reminisce about the past.  Sometimes I even long for it.  But there’s this thing we do as humans where we leave out the bad bits and just remember the best bits, which I think, is what’s so responsible for nostalgia as we know it.  I realize that some people do just the opposite where they had such traumatic events in the past that they either block it out or choose to only remember the negative bits and let it rule their lives.  Which kind of human you are, which of these two paths you take, is really up to you, and up to what kind of experiences you’ve had in your life.  Maybe it’s also up to how your brain functions. Continue reading

I Do Mind

On Friday I was at CharLi Beauty Bar for some eyebrow shaping that involved hot wax being applied to my face with paper strips, and the hairs being subsequently ripped out by the roots.  Yeowch!  But not so bad really.  CharLi is a nice person and she knows what she’s doing.  While we were chatting, a song by Usher came on the radio–  “I Don’t Mind”.  CharLi said she hated this song.  “I mean, have you heard the lyrics?”  Admittedly I’d never heard the song before, so I took a closer listen… Continue reading